Why Use Indoor Tanning Lotions

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Most indoor tanning lotions contain ingredients that will actually help your skin produce more melanin. One of these main ingredients is called L-Tyrosine. When you are exposed to ultraviolet light, your melanocyte cells start to absorb this L-tyrosine and will actually produce more melanin. When this melanin oxidizes, it turns brown. So having more melanin being produced by your body will get you more tan.

Some of today’s indoor tanning lotion accelerators also contain bronzers, tingle, cooling and sunless ingredient in them. Each of these ingredients does a completely different thing and you should choose the tanning lotion that will work best for you.

A tingle lotion or “hot” lotion as some people call them should be used only by people who have reached their tanning plateau and cannot get any darker. These “hot” tingle lotions will help stimulate circulation by bringing the blood toward the surface of the skin. You will notice that your skin gets a reddish color when using these “tingle” lotions and you will also feel a slight tingling sensation.

Tanning lotions that contain bronzers help tint your skin with plant derived ingredients. Using a bronzer lotion while tanning will give you that extra color you need if you are needing to look as dark as possible that same day. Lotions with the sunless ingredient called DHA is similar to a bronzer except that this DHA is the type of ingedient found in spray booths and airbrush tanning solutions. It will tint your skin as a bronzer and will last a few days longer.

Another main reason to use tanning lotions is because when you are tanning, you start sweating. Sweating this moisture out of your skin will also cause your skin to become dry. Most indoor tanning lotions have moisturizers to keep your skin moisturized even while tanning. Using an after tan moisturizer is also very highly recommended.

Editor’s Note: Please remember that “Indoor Tanning Lotion” contains no sunscreen and provides no protection from the sun.

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