Tanning Salons Needs to Diversify

March 13, 2009 by admin  
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If you own a tanning salon, then you know that this business is seasonal. Having a tanning salon that only attracts customers looking to get a tan works well during the tanning season, which varies across the nation. But, what about the off-season? If your customers are not looking to come in to get a tan during certain months of the year, what can you do? Well, you have to offer other services that will appeal to your current customer base. Salons have been adding Infrared Body Wrap Systems, Infrared Massage Beds, skincare products, Dermabrasion Systems, and spa capsule systems. These types of services are usually found in day spas but, by adding them to you salon, you will certainly complement your tanning service with these additional services providing more revenue during the off-season.

Some of these services actually work best in your off-season such as the infrared body wrap systems. These systems claim to have weight loss benefits, can contour your body, and can improve the appearance of cellulite. Most tanning salon’s slow times usually occur during November, December and January and these are the perfect times to sell this particular service. Not only will it supplement your tanning income and get you through the slow season, it will help boost your revenue and growth during the rest of the year.

Dermabrasion Systems and Skin Care Products are also very popular and you may benefit by just having them available in your salon. Keep in mind, though, that some of these day spa products or equipment may require some licensing. Check with your state or Board of Cosmetology to find out if licensing is required in your state.

By offering additional services in your tanning salon, you are more likely to see more revenue from your current customers and you are likely to see your customer pool rise. If people who don’t normally tan come in to your salon to have a session on the body wrap or have an appointment for dermabrasion, you would be making money that you otherwise would have not. And, since they are already in your tanning salon, you will have the opportunity to introduce and sell them on your tanning services.

So, if you own a tanning salon, or are looking to start one, know that the business is a seasonal one. Expand your service offerings, with services such as the infrared body wrap or dermabrasion systems, in order to increase revenue during the slow part of the year. The more people you have visiting your salon throughout the year, because of additional services, the better the opportunity to sell them any of your services.

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Budget For The Off-Season

January 19, 2008 by admin  
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The tanning salon industry can be a prosperous one, but it is important to expect that, while tanning salons make the most money during spring and summer months, slow months occur in the fall and winter. Many salon owners who don’t make it through the off-season don’t realize that a budget would have saved them from having to close their doors. Budgeting during the tanning season is extremely important. Don’t get caught without security money in the off-season. Plan for expenditures that will keep your business running by budgeting for basic operating costs, equipment, and supplies.

Just because money is rolling in during the season does not mean it can be spent frivolously. Putting money aside for basic operating costs should be a primary goal heading into the off-season. If you plan for the basics you will be able to successfully manage your tanning salon without having to close up shop.

Obviously, without the basics, your business would easily close. Rent is the first of the basic costs. It is important to have at least 2 to 3 months of rent saved up for the off-season. If you have a few really bad off-season months, at least you’ll have saved up enough money to keep your doors open without your landlord re-taking possession. You want to keep your salon doors open; otherwise, you will not be making any money to keep the salon afloat during these rough times.

Basic costs such as electric, phone and employee salaries are also extremely important. For utilities, such as electric and phone, You should save up at least one third of what you spend on these during the busy season. In other words, if you’re spending $1000 a month on utilities, you will want to put away $333 for the off-season. Your utilities will probably not be a third of your cost during the off-season, but it will help cushion the expense.

Tanning salon owners tend to forget that, not only do they need to keep basic operating costs going, they must continue to maintenance equipment and keep them running for customers during the off-season. These customers are of utmost importance because without them, you will not survive the off-season. Without keeping up with the maintenance on your equipment, like changing lamps, acrylics, etc. the customers will be turned off and either find another place to tan, or stop tanning altogether. Budgeting for lamps, acrylics and other equipment maintenance items will keep your salon in tip-top shape during the off-season. Not only that, but your salon will be ready for the busy months without having to scramble to put cash together to get everything in operating order for the season.

Survive the dreaded off-season simply by putting money aside. With these few areas of your business that need budgeting, you will be better poised for the off-season and will likely see another successful year.

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